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26&2 Yoga

26&2 is a sequence of 26 postures (asanas) and 2 breathing exercises (pranayama) traditionally practiced over 90 minutes in a heated room. However, it is not the heat that makes this yoga work. The sequence, principles, and practice methods create the transformative benefits of this time-tested, therapeutic hatha yoga. It is very accessible to all ages and bodies.

Through consistent practice, you will train both the mind (concentration, patience, determination, and self-control) and the physical body (strength, flexibility, and balance).

The series originates from Ghosh's Yoga College of India. Bikram Choudhury popularized the practice in the western world. Other names are "Original Hot Yoga" and "Bikram Yoga."


Meditation is about becoming a witness, without judgment, as you practice simply being aware in the present moment. Our classes use a variety of meditation techniques to help you begin to access awareness.

Modern society has become rife with stress, competition, anxiety, and overstimulation from technology and other distractions, all of which can lead to chronic illness and mental health issues. We need meditation now more than ever.

The mental and physical benefits of consistent meditation practice are extensive and can include increased focus and mental clarity, decreased levels of stress hormones, and improved sleep. Tap into the inner wisdom and peace that always exists within you no matter your external life circumstances.

Pranayama Breathing

Pranayama means “extension of vital energy.” It is a conjunction of the Sanskrit words prana (animating life force energy within all things) and ayama (to stretch or extend). Everything we do in life impacts prana in positive or negative ways.

During pranayama practice, we use various breathing techniques to influence the flow of prana in the nadis, or energy channels, of the energy body. Rhythmic, deep and slow breath stimulates calm and a content state of mind, and helps you attain a higher state of vibration and awareness.

The practice is about using the breath as a tool to develop focus and awareness of prana. Once you have control over the breath, you can balance your energy, and reach a meditative state faster and stay there longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to class?

26&2 Yoga: Bring water, a yoga mat, and towel (optional).  You may also choose to heat the room you're practicing in using, for example, a space heater.   

Meditation and Pranayama: All you'll need is a place to sit comfortably for the duration of the practice.  The surface you sit on should be a non-conductor of heat and/or electricity.  Other practice-enhancing tools, such as candles or crystals, are optional.

What should I wear to class?

26&2 Yoga: Your clothing should be comfortable but not so loose that it gets in the way of you being able to bring body parts into contact (e.g., stomach to thighs).

Meditation and Pranayama: Wear comfortable clothing that will keep you warm for the duration of your practice.

Which type of class should I start with?

Where is your inner wisdom guiding you to begin? That's your choice! Yoga is a holistic practice meant to care for all aspects of your being. Whichever class you start with, you will get the benefits.

Traditionally, yoga asana (the physical postures that we think of when we think of "yoga") was practiced to prepare the body to sit comfortably in meditation without the distraction of physical ailments. Meditation practice stills the mind. Pranayama practice helps to balance the energy body. These practices work in unison to promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Do you offer private sessions?

Yes; to request a private session, fill out this form Pranayama Rose Private Session Request and we will be in touch to learn more about your needs and schedule your session.

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